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Mike and Mike in the Morning...5-9
Featuring co-hosts Mike Greenberg and former NFL player Mike Golic, a regular on ESPN2's NFL Live.

Mike & Mike in the Morning is ESPN's personality-driven sports talk morning drive show. The show combines a mix of live guest interviews, analysis, breaking sports news coverage and opinion, all presented in a thoroughly entertaining format.

The Dan Le Batard Show...9-11 and then Noon-1
Dan Le Batard and Stugotz bring their unique blend of self-deprecating humor, insightful guests and thoughtful conversation to a national audience from Miami Beach's Clevelander Hotel. 

Rotating guest co-hosts, including Miami Herald writer Greg Cote, provide listeners with a different experience each day, as well as regular contributors including John Amaechi, Greg Cote, Amin El Hassan, Sarah Spain and Pablo Torre. 


The Doug And Daddy...11-Noon
Featuring Sports Director Doug Duda and a rotating stable of "Daddy" co-hosts.

Central Nebraska's ONLY local sports call in show. 

Guests include Big 10 head coaches, writers and commentators; UNK, Hastings College and NAIA II guests and loads of local High School coaches and writers.

Listen for trivia, your emails, and ways to win.

Russillo & Kanell...1-4
With the benefit of comfort and the advantage of familiarity, Russillo & Kanell takes the audience in a new direction.

Together, Ryen Russillo and Danny Kanell are like the old stereotypes you think you know. Until you learn more. It's about the unexpected. What's below the surface.

This is Russillo & Kanell.

A juxtaposition of identities among two friends who have a long history together that has come to life over the years, as they discuss and debate the most important and talked-about events in sports. Ryen's book-knowledge coupled with Danny's on-field experience brings fans the best of both worlds as their differences make for a smart, quick, and challenging conversation.

Be prepared to think, as they challenge what's comfortable with an honest, raw and real discussion. They're not afraid to go "there" and to take their listeners along for the ride.

This is Russillo & Kanell.

Hail Varsity...4-6

Don't miss a day without your Husker coverage as host Chris Schmidt provides great analysis and perspective on the Huskers and the top stories in sports. 

Every day is packed with live interviews with some of the top names in sports.

Some of Hail Varsity's regularly scheduled guests include a steady lineup of Hail Varsity magazine insiders such as Mike Babcock, Brandon Vogel and Grant Muessel. Other regulars on the show include former Nebraska defensive coordinator Charlie McBride, former Husker and NFL veteran Ralph Brown, former Husker assistant football coach Jack Pierce, Gerry DiNardo of the Big Ten Network, former coach and analyst Gary Barnett and ESPN's Brad Edwards.
Jalen and Jacobi...6-8
Hosted by ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose and Grantland writer, podcaster and senior producer David Jacoby, Jalen & Jacoby highlights the chemistry between Rose and Jacoby as they break down the latest news in sports and pop culture with humor, intelligence and perspective that only a former NBA star and long-time ESPN producer can provide.

Jorge and Jen...8-10
Jorge and Jen will bring fun and feistiness to their nightly debates on sports topics and happenings from everyday life. 

In addition to their banter on the day's biggest issues, they will serve as the first ESPN Radio voices to weigh in with opinions and observations on the top evening sports action across all of the stadiums and arenas.

The Freddie Coleman Show 10-1AM

SportsCenter All-Night with Jay Reynolds 1-5AM

College GameDay*.
College Football covered nationwide sideline to sideling featuring Mel Kiper Jr. one of the most respected and quoted experts on college talent and the NFL Draft. 10AM-6PM every college football Saturday.*

On Campus with Chris and Kirk*. The radio version of the famous on campus visits by Kirk Herbstriet and Chris Fowler, from the site of one of the week's biggest games.

College Hoops Saturday*. Previews and reviews the latest from college basketball.

Sports Talk Variety Saturday
1am-6am The V Show All-Night, 6am-7am The Outdoors Show, 7am-9am Hot List, 9am- 11am The Doug Karsch Show, 11am-3pm Game Day, 3pm-7pm The NFL Huddle, 7pm-1am Game Night

Sports Talk Variety and NFL Sundays*
1am-6am The V Show All-Night, 6am-8am Fantasy Focus, 8am-10am ESPN The Magazine, 10am-1pm Countdown to Kickoff, 1pm-7pm The NFL on ESPN Radio, 7pm-1am Game Night.

The NFL on ESPN RADIO*. Reporters are on site everywhere the NFL plays checking in with up to the minute progress and audio highlights of the most exciting plays. Featuring former Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Merril Hoge and SportsCenter anchor Trey Wingo. 10AM to 6PM every NFL Sunday*

Inside Golf*
Every Saturday starting June 11 from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. "Inside Golf on ESPN Radio " will bring listeners golf's inside scoop and offer a complete menu of National and International golf news. Segments on each show include interviews with the best and most well known Tour Professionals and former greats, insight from golf's finest journalists, course reviews of the nation's best resort courses, making your game better with some of America's best teachers and club makers, and a weekly look at golf's most important news stories. Dallas radio golf host STEVEN GRIBIN and Golfweek's lead columnist JEFF RUDE will co-host the program with ESPN's HANK HANEY adding his entertaining insight.

* Some programs are seasonal; scheduling conflicts may preempt some hours of programming.

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